Fly & Insect Screens

All fly and insect screens are purpose made using tough resilient materials. Whether you require hinged, sliding or fixed screens for windows or doors we have a solution. For use on domestic or industrial premises screens can be made in standards or heavy-duty materials.

It is a proven fact that high temperatures cause discomfort and reduce efficiency in the workplace. Maximize your energy savings and reduce your CO2 emissions with solar control window films; reducing your carbon footprint is important to all of us.

At best flying insects are a nuisance and unhygienic; some may sting you, others may bite you.  At their worst they are dangerous – even life threatening.  In recent years variations in our climate have allowed malaria carrying mosquitoes to reach the south of England.  Every year there are more reports of the horrors of insect infestations and swarms of stinging wasps.  The risk of insect borne disease is expected to carry on rising.  Scientists have recently stated that fly populations in Britain could soar this century due to climate change.

Flying insects enter your home or workplace through open doors and windows, often attracted by abundant food sources and bright lights.  Installing screens will allow you to enjoy the fresh air whilst reducing the health risks associated with insects.

The common house fly (Musca Domestica) is a known carrier of typhoid and dysentery.  Contamination of food is now recognised as the most common means of disease transmission, the most common cause of diarrhoea in Britain is the bacteria Campylobacter.  Flies transmit these bacteria, either by carrying small quantities of contaminated material on their bodies or by regurgitating or defecating on food.

Proprietors and managers of all food businesses must ensure that their businesses comply with the relevant legislation.

Chapter 2 of schedule 1 of Food safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 of the Food safety Act 1990 states that:

            In rooms where food is prepared, treated or processed (excluding dining areas) windows and other openings must be constructed to prevent the accumulation of dirt.  Those which can be opened to the outside environment must where necessary be fitted with insect proof screens which can easily be removed for cleaning.

We provide the following types of screens:

Magnetic Insect Screen

Keep flying pests out but let the fresh air in by simply installing a magnetic insect screen, which does not impede window operation. The magnetic mesh screen is fastened to the window frame with adhesive tape, creating a magnetic seal. It is easily removable for cleaning and is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.

Aluminium Sliding Screen

Recommended as the most robust solution for keeping flies and other insects out of commercial kitchens, the aluminium sliding screen has many advantages. It is suitable for fitting in wide and small windows, with sideways sliding panels. The frame is of white powder coated aluminium and the screen can be easily demounted for cleaning.

Roller Screens

Neat and effective, a Roller insect screen can be pulled down to cover an open window, and simply pushed back into the top containing cassette when not in use. The fine mesh keeps most insects out. This type of retractable screen is most suitable for homes and offices, and is especially ideal for conservatories.

Hinged or Lift Out Screen

Durable aluminium framed hinged fly screens are recommended for commercial use. They can be fitted over many different sizes and shapes of windows, their flat aspect making them unobtrusive. They are easy to clean and available in different mesh grades.

Aluminium Hinged and Roller Doors

The best way to keep nuisance insects at bay on a hot summer’s day is to fit aluminium hinged or retractable roller screens over your exterior doors. Hinged door screens open with a handle, while roller door screens can be pushed up or pulled down. Hinged and roller door screens are popular for conservatories.

Chain Screens

Fitting a chain curtain suspended from the top of a door or window provides an effective barrier to prevent flying insects from entering. We supply and fit anodised aluminium chain screen curtains that are resistant to rust and corrosion. Chain screens can be installed internally or externally and made to measure.

Panel & PVC Strip Curtains

A decorative alternative to chain screens, panel and PVC strip insect curtains come in a range of designs and colours. Fitted via a batten above a door the twisted, braided or beaded strips hang down as a deterrent to flying insects. These insect screen curtains are easy to remove and store when not required.