Workplace Regulations

Clear glass partitions, glass walls and glass doors are popular stylish architectural features in many domestic and commercial buildings, but did you know that by law they have to be marked so as to be visible and made obvious? This is to prevent people from accidentally walking into the glass and potentially suffering an injury.

The legal requirement for marking glass in this way is known as Glass Manifestation, and Part M of the Building Regulations requires that it is implemented either by marking the glass at two defined levels above the floor, or with a logo, sign or decorative feature of a certain size. The glass manifestation must also “contrast visually with the background seen through the glass – both inside and out – in all lighting conditions”.

Complying with this regulation is simple and inexpensive with the application of window film, either created using frosted effect film or as bespoke designed vinyl decorative decals or logos.

Simart have the expertise to design, supply and apply glass manifestation to clear glass expanses of all shapes and sizes, ensuring compliance with regulations without detracting from the aesthetics of the glass feature involved. In fact, in most cases, glass manifestation actually enhances the glass feature, and can be used as a useful vehicle for displaying brand identification logos and messages for commercial enterprises.

We also supply and install manifestation graphics for many reasons including the identification of glazed areas to meet with government safety regulations.

Graphics for Your Business

Tailor made cut-vinyl, or digitally printed solutions for advertising, branding, or simply awareness of your company - all personalised for you.

Corporate Identity

Any glazed surface in a workplace has the potential to become an eye-catching space to display branding messages. Don’t miss out on a wasted opportunity.

Here at Simart we can help you employ the latest design and printing techniques and supply you with all sorts of bespoke text and imagery on window film or cut out decals and apply them seamlessly to glass features such as windows, doors and internal partitions.

Modern technology allows for any bespoke graphics to be printed onto high quality window film, no matter how detailed or intricate the design happens to be.

You can have your corporate identity enshrined on glass by having it printed on clear window film and applied, or there’s the option of having the graphics printed on a frosted film which, when applied to a window, door or partition will add the benefit of privacy screening to the finished product.

Should you prefer having your branding more discreetly displayed on smaller decals Simart can supply precision cut vinyl or film graphics for application to a range of smooth surfaces.


Bespoke design using the most modern technology and techniques

Printed Wallpaper

One of the most exciting innovations on the interior design front in recent years has come courtesy of advances in the field of digital printing. It is now possible to have any image or pattern you can imagine printed onto wallpaper.

It’s goodbye to boring walls and uninspiring surfaces of all sorts. They can now be covered quickly and efficiently with engaging murals, messages, graphics and eye-catching designs.

Perhaps you have a favourite photograph you’d like to see spread across your living room wall, or a bright corporate design you’d like to see behind your office reception desk? No matter what wallpaper design you have in mind, Simart can take any high-resolution image, have it digitally printed onto appropriate wallpaper or window film, and professionally install it on any flat surface.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about the world of possibilities that is opened up by this thrilling new way to use wallpaper.


Seeing is believing, so they say, and when you first hear about the properties of Contra Vision® window file you will probably refuse to believe it unless you do, indeed, see it in action!

Contra Vision® Graphics

So what makes Contra Vision® so amazing? Like many window films it can be printed on with any bespoke design you choose, and then applied to any expanse of glass. 

The difference is that the graphics on the Contra Vision® window film can only be seen from one side of the window. 

If it is designed to show graphics to the outside, when you look through it from the inside of the window you won’t see the graphics at all – just the unobstructed view beyond the glass.

The Contra Vision® effect was invented by a squash player keen to allow spectators to watch the sport from outside a glass-enclosed court without distracting the players inside whose view out could by blocked. Ingenious – and it worked, as it does now for hundreds of applications, from advertising and branding to building wraps and decorative glass enhancement.

Contact our qualified consultants at Simart to learn more about this remarkable one-way vision window film technology, which allows you to impose your personality on any glass feature without obscuring through vision.