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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is window film?

Window film is a tough polyester that is professionally laminated to the surface of the existing windows to increase the performance and specification of ordinary glass.

2. Are there different types of film?

Window films are manufactured in various thicknesses, shades, tints and colours.  Some are designed to reduce heat gain in a building, others to reduce UV and fading.  Some films are made to protect us from vandalism, natural disaster and terrorism, yet others are made to reduce glare or even provide privacy and decoration.

3. How long does window film last?

Window films have a tough scratch resistant surface layer which means the majority of films have a 12-year warranty – underwritten by the manufacturer when professionally applied.  Life expectancy is normally 15-18 years.

4. Is window film preferable to blinds?

Not necessarily, sometimes blinds are best, other times window film – sometimes both!  Window films are able to offer higher technical benefits though, so should always be given consideration – particularly because film is maintenance free – lasts for years and works for you from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year.

5. Will my glass look like a mirror?

Some films do give a mirrored effect which is ideal for one-way vision or privacy.  Other films do not have this effect.  There is a film for every purpose and many films are virtually un-noticeable when installed.

6. Do I need a site survey and advice?

Advice is free, so is a survey and specification so take advantage of it!  All surveys are supported by a written report and quotation if requested.  See the samples in place and have them explained without pressure or obligation.

7. Will window films provide insulation and stop heat loss?

Some window films combine a ‘Low e’ benefit which means they reduce the rate at which heat is lost through the glass.  So, yes, films do provide insulation but do not entirely stop heat loss.  Some window films that have been specifically designed for this purpose reduce heat loss by up to 40%.

8. Will window film change the appearance of my building?

Window films are available for many purposes.  Some films are available for shop fronts which do not naturally change the appearance at all.  Some films are designed to do the opposite, their purpose is to change the appearance, even to offer black-out.  There are many films between these two extremes in various colours and tints.

9. How much does window film cost?

There are many factors that bear on this answer, quality of material, type of glass and frames, location, difficulty etc, which is why we offer a free survey and fixed quotation.  Without it neither you nor Window Films UK can give accurate answers.

10. Does installation of window film cause much disruption?

Window film application is a quiet operation that requires much the same space as a window cleaner.  We will happily work around the occupants and use of the room to a programme that suits you.