Anti-Graffiti Film

Vandalism is an unpleasant, destructive and costly problem in our towns and cities, especially one of the most common forms of it – graffiti. Cleaning unsightly markings off of glass that has been defaced with spray paint, permanent markers or scratching and etching is an expensive business, and it might be necessary to remove the glass entirely and replace it.

Simart is able to offer you a way to protect your glass from lasting damage and facilitate a quick clean up by installing specialist anti-graffiti window film on your windows, glass doors or shop front. Best of all, once applied this incredible protective window film is invisible to the eye – no-one will know it is there.

The special coating on our Anti-Graffiti Film allows for any markings to be removed using just ordinary household cleaning products. If a vandal attempts to scratch or score the glass itself, the film provides a barrier. Should the film itself be damaged it is a simple matter to remove and replace it and far more cost effective than having to replace the glazing itself.

Our fully trained window film experts are also able to fit anti-graffiti film on other smooth surfaces such as marble, stainless steel and mirrors to protect them from vandalism. To find out more contact the friendly team at Simart.