Decorative Films & Patterns

Professionally applied decorative window film – available in a myriad of colours, designs and patterns to suit any situation – is a great way to get creative in your living or work space. Simart supplies and installs decorative window film quickly and efficiently, leaving you with windows or glass doors that have the appearance of having been fitted with customised glass.

Using decorative window film is an extremely economical alternative to frosted glass and those dated net curtains or dusty blinds, and when it comes to renovating period properties you can re-create original glass architectural features at minimal cost.

Make a real visual impact by turning a plain window into a stained-glass masterpiece, or add interest to your front door glass panel by adding concealing frosted film with a clever cut-out that allows you to peek through to see who’s ringing the doorbell.

Match a decorative window film design to your bedroom wallpaper and have it applied to your windows for a stunning effect, with the bonus of enhancing your privacy at the same time.

Ideas for using decorative window film are limited only by your imagination. If you’d like to see some samples of what is available contact us and be prepared to be wowed.