Edge Retention Systems

No-one likes to contemplate “worst case scenarios”, but if you have commercial premises where staff or members of the public are contained behind windows, looking into them or walking beneath them there is the ever-present danger of injury from flying glass in the event of a breakage.

Window breakages can happen accidentally, through vandalism or burglary, or even industrial or terrorist explosions resulting not only in harm to people and property, but also leaving the security of the building compromised.

To ensure you, your staff and customers are protected from such a potentially lethal event speak to us about protecting your windows with specialised window film – bomb blast protection window film combined with window film edge retention.

Window edge retention systems ensure that in the event of a blast or impact the glass stays in the window frame, while safety and bomb blast film on the window prevents flying or falling glass.

If you are concerned about safety and the integrity of your premises contact Simart. Our experts will determine the best combination of edge-retention anchoring system and anti-shatter film to absorb any impact and help retain glass fragments in the event of a spontaneous glass failure.


The 3 categories of anchoring systems:

Wet Glaze, Screwed Mechanical, and Glued Mechanical; each have benefits and drawbacks.

The “Wet Glaze” method involves removing the rubber gaskets from the window frame and replacing it with Dow 995 Silicone, which overlaps the frame, glass, and film anchoring them all together. The positives of this system are lower cost and flexibility for different frame types.

The “Screwed Mechanical” system uses a metal angled frame, which is literally screwed into the frame and potentially the wall. The film is installed “oversized” to allow a wrap under the metal frame. Then, screws are placed through the anchoring frame/film into the window frame tying the system together. Screwed Mechanical systems are often the strongest option because of the wrap of film under the anchoring frame and longer screws can sometimes be used to increase the anchorage of the frame to the building, greatly increasing protection. Drawbacks include high cost and the permanent nature of the installation; if you ever wanted to remove the anchoring system, the frames will have holes exposed.

The “Glued Mechanical” system is an adhesive backed anchor medium. They can be flexible or stiff, but they come with adhesive already applied to one side. The installation is a relatively simple process of removing the protective backing strips and applying the adhesive side across the glass/frame edge. This is the easiest type of retention system to install, so less experience may be required. They are generally not as strong as top-of-the- line screwed-in systems, and since they are applied only on the surface of the film and the frame, they cannot help anchor the frame to the wall.


Attachment Cosmetic Cover


Glued Mechanical


Single Base Plate Attachment


Wet Anchoring


Wrap Around Base Plate