Fade Reducing Window Film

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause much damage to coloured or painted materials including works of art, soft furnishings, and clothing.

Fading is caused by ultra-violet light, visible light and infra-red radiation. Indoor lighting, humidity and dye anchorage systems also have a part to play. UV light, visible light and heat all pass-through glass causing 90% of the fading problem to property in homes, offices, shops and museums.

UV Fade Reducing Window Film

Damage from sunlight can be an expensive and annoying problem in many situations, especially for various businesses and organisations who have vulnerable merchandise, furnishings, or precious artefacts prone to fading.

Simart has the solution to blocking out most of the damaging ultra-violet rays from sunlight that penetrate your windows, without obscuring the view. We supply and fit a range of specialised UV Window Films that filter out up to 99% of UV rays – depending on the grade and finish of film chosen – as well as varying levels of visible light and solar heat.

Research has shown that fading is caused mainly by UV radiation, but light, heat, poor ventilation and artificial lighting also contribute to the problem. If your premises are suffering from sun damage consult with Simart and our experts will advise on which type of UV anti-fade window film would best suit your purpose and provide sufficient protection while maintaining a clear view through the window.

A range of fade protection window films as fitted by us to the Victoria and Albert Museum, The American Museum, The National Gallery, amongst many – National Trust Properties, Retail Outlets, Libraries and Private Homes filter out harmful radiation with little or no loss of light offering full time permanent protection.

UV Fade Reducing Window Film is often referred to as “Museum Film” because it is frequently used in museums, art galleries and stately homes to protect precious fabrics, furnishings, artefacts and artworks from UV damage. It also provides an excellent solution for homeowners if you are experiencing fading of upholstery, carpeting or wooden floors, or in the retail sector where shop displays need to be protected from the negative effects of exposure to sunlight.

If your woodwork is bleaching, the colours in your life becoming faded and indistinct, and your window display looking tired and washed out, contact us at Simart for a simple solution and a no-obligation quotation. The future will certainly be brighter.