Lumisty® View Control Films

Simart are proud to be approved installers of an innovative and unique product – Lumisty® View Control window film. When expertly applied to a window Lumisty® has the capacity of controlling what is visible or hidden beyond the glass, its level of transparency and translucency changing according to the angle you view from – it is almost magical.

There is, of course, no magic involved – it’s all down to chemicals that give Lumisty® film the ability to block out unsightly views or create privacy zones. There are four different types of this clever film available that offers different visibility options depending on whether it is applied to glass horizontally or vertically.

Lumisty® is an exciting product that has been enthusiastically embraced by architects and interior designers for its usefulness in various applications such as meeting rooms, reception areas and glazed balustrades, where it can give privacy where required, and a clear view where needed. It is also perfect for drawing attention to a product or the features of a display in a retail environment.

Contact Simart’s window film experts if you would like to find out more about what Lumisty® View Control Film can do for your premises.