Solar Control Window Film

Reduce the heat gain to maintain a more comfortable environment using performance window films. Choose from reflective, tinted, or subtle neutral films for domestic, listed and heritage buildings. The latest Nano technology and ceramic infra-red films are virtually un-noticeable once installed.

It is a proven fact that high temperatures cause discomfort and reduce efficiency in the workplace. Maximize your energy savings and reduce your CO2 emissions with solar control window films; reducing your carbon footprint is important to all of us.

There are over 60 different types of film in various colours and shades, some non-reflective, some highly reflective, some are virtually unnoticeable once applied to your glass. Tinted window films also improve the appearance of your building dramatically, improving staff morale, raising your building and company profile and customers awareness of you. Use of space becomes more efficient as hot or cold zones are eliminated. Heating and cooling costs, as well as efficiency of the building and its occupants are improved.