Privacy Films

Glass is great, but sometimes it’s in a place that doesn’t quite suit. Perhaps you have changed the use of a room in your home and now the window has become the target of prying eyes; or at work your glass cubicle is clearly a risk when you’re handling sensitive information.

When you need your window to be a little less transparent the solution – far more cost effective than replacing the window glass – is to have privacy window film professionally applied over the existing glazing.

Here at Simart our experts will supply and install privacy window film at the level you require so smoothly over the clear glazing that it looks as good as if you had installed specially tinted, frosted or patterned glass, and so easy to clean with just a wipe-down and household cleaner.

If you want to block out the view through a window entirely, you can choose Blackout or Whiteout Privacy film. Then there are various matt frosted window films are available with different levels of transparency, letting the light in but obscuring the aspect – ideal for bathroom windows or glass enclosed shower cubicles.

Our privacy solutions also include a range of decorative window films that give the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass, with or without cut out patterns.